Meal Ticket




Children under age 5 eat free with adult meal purchase.

Meal tickets are not refundable but are valid for one year after purchase at any events / visits to Hartland.

An incentive will be offered for guests who register early for meals (before on-site registration begins). They will be charged $8. However, meals purchased on the day of on-site registration and after the event has started will be $10. Children’s meals will equally increase from $6 to $8.

Additional information


Adult Meal, Child Meal, Adult 4/19 FRI Breakfast, Adult 4/19 FRI Lunch, Adult 4/20 SAT Breakfast, Adult 4/20 SAT Lunch, Adult 4/21 SUN Breakfast, Adult 4/21 SUN Lunch, Child 4/19 FRI Breakfast, Child 4/19 FRI Lunch, Child 4/20 SAT Breakfast, Child 4/20 SAT Lunch, Child 4/21 SUN Breakfast, Child 4/21 SUN Lunch